Learn how to effectively evaluate diagnostic imaging suppliers in an online marketplace

Online shopping is here to stay, and the healthcare technology management (HTM) industry will continue to rely on online suppliers to source the replacement parts required to maintain equipment. As an industry with little oversight, you’ll want to ensure your purchase is a safe one.

Here are four tips that will help you evaluate diagnostic image replacement parts in the online marketplace.

1.  Look for multiple images and information about the part’s condition

When we purchase products online, we are unable to physically evaluate the items, so we must rely on photographs and the descriptions provided to us. A trustworthy medical imaging replacement parts supplier will have their site stocked with images of their products for customers to review. Having one image is important, but the more pictures that are included the more reliable the supplier likely is.

Images from several different angles will give you an idea of the condition that the part is in and identify any signs of wear that would be cause for concern. Along with images, any trustworthy parts supplier will also have important information about the condition of the part listed where it is easy to find. When visiting the product page, you should be able to quickly determine whether the part is new, used, or refurbished.


2.  Find a source that makes it easy to contact a representative with questions

While shopping for parts online makes it simple to complete purchases without the need to talk to someone, sometimes we need to. If you have any questions about the part you’re looking to buy, send the supplier an inquiry through their website.

Some companies offer a LiveChat feature, contact request forms, contact emails, or a phone number you can call directly. The ability to immediately live chat with a rep to get answers is ideal because you can get a rapid response. If they do not have a chat feature response times should still be prompt. In HTM, time is always of the essence and diagnostic replacement parts always need to be found and purchased as soon as possible. If a company takes longer than one day to respond to your inquiry, it’s safe to say this company will not be a reliable source for your replacement parts.


3. Verify the validity of a business by checking for online reviews

When making purchases  online, reading company reviews is one of the best ways consumers can determine the quality of both the product and the vendor. Seek out and read through reviews you can find about the replacement part you are interested in, as well as the company that has it for sale. Keep in mind not all reviews are equal so if there are a lot of reviews take the time to look through them all. Look to see what issues previous consumers had and whether the company resolved them. Mistakes can happen to anyone, but how a company reacts when something goes wrong is invaluable information to have when making your decision on where to purchase your diagnostic image replacement parts from.

4.  Ask suppliers about their warranties on parts

Another tool to determine the credibility of an online parts supplier is asking whether or not they offer warranties on the replacement parts that they supply. Keep in mind that not all parts will qualify for a warranty. However, this is still something that a reputable supplier will have a policy in place for. When you are deciding on who to purchase your medical replacement parts from finding out about the company’s policy on warranties will give you important insight into whether they are the right choice for you.


Finding the Right Partner for Replacement Diagnostic Imaging Parts

The universal goal of HTM is to provide excellent patient care at all times. To achieve this goal, it’s crucial that you have a trusted supplier identified ahead of time who can help you source medical imaging replacement parts. Having a reputable vendor to purchase from identified ahead of time helps eliminate any downtime that would be caused by waiting until something breaks to pick a replacement parts supplier. If you do not already have a reliable company to purchase all of your diagnostic imaging replacement parts from, these tips can help you find the right one, today.


Sourcing replacement medical imaging equipment parts

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