There are several brands/manufacturers of medical equipment that are in high demand today and face a lot of competition when it comes to acquiring replacement parts. One such brand is OEC Medical Equipment (now owned by GE) which includes many types of diagnostic equipment.

 While there are many companies selling replacement parts, there are a few things that you should consider before purchasing OEC replacement parts.

 Five things to consider before purchasing OEC replacement parts

 Consider these five aspects of purchasing OEC parts, and you will avoid the kind of buyer’s remorse that you run the risk of experiencing.

 #1 – What kind of response time works for you?

 This is the first thing to consider. Some facilities can afford to wait a lot longer than others.

 Response time is something that you will need to consider because if you don’t, you’ll be at the mercy of the suppliers’ response times.

 It is much better to be open in your communication and understand that different suppliers operate on different schedules.  The vendor should be open about their responses times as well.

 #2 – What kind of turnaround time works best for you?

 This is directly tied to whatever sense of urgency you have in regard to your replacement parts.  While many would argue that the optimal turnaround time is as early as possible, sometimes a delayed turnaround would be acceptable or suit your needs.

Again, this all depends on when you actually need the parts. Keep in mind that if you need these parts right away, you might need to pay more.

#3 – Make sure there is a warranty

No matter when you need to get the replacement part, you need to make sure that the parts are protected by a warranty.

This is necessary whether your part is brand new or refurbished. MRI machines and diagnostic equipment are used very frequently. Prevent future inconveniences and make sure your replacement parts are protected by a warranty. You deserve the peace of mind that warranties provide.

 #4 – How effective is the supplier’s customer support department?

 Ensuring that you make the best purchase for your medical facility might require some communication from a parts suppliers’ sales team. Are they helpful? Are they rude? Do they answer your questions clearly?

 Customer service seems to be less and less important to some companies today.

 Make sure that your supplier’s customer support is responsive and able to answer any and all questions that you may have about your replacement parts.

 #5 – What is the supplier’s reputation?

 Newer suppliers of OEC replacement parts can be very seductive in their deals. They might offer lower prices, more flexible turnarounds, and cheap warranties.

 The problem with this is that said suppliers may not have a reputation developed enough to be trustworthy. If you come across a supplier that has not been in business for a very long time, beware. You may not be doing business with them for long.

 While newer medical parts organizations have their place in the medical parts industry, it is much better to purchase OEC replacement parts from organizations that have a solid reputation.

 OEC replacement medical parts are still very commonly used. Parts Consulting Group offers OEC parts for a variety of diagnostic operations. Click the “search for parts” tab at the top of this page and browse through our catalog.