Parts management requires active supplier management

Have you recently evaluated your vendors or suppliers for replacement parts? It is always important to ensure equipment is functioning properly and to have a plan in place for what happens when it is not.

As the healthcare industry recovers from the recent pandemic,  it’s crucial to minimize any potential downtime due to repairs. The last thing this industry needs is more obstacles while trying to recoup revenue missed during the shutdown on elective medical procedures.

Make sure you have a reliable source for medical imaging replacement parts before you need them. Here are three considerations for sourcing parts from a reliable vendor.

Equipment repair downtime affects patient care

Not having a supplier picked out for your medical imaging replacement parts affects patient care. We are seeing a large increase in demand for medical imaging as patients are eager to move forward with their postponed procedures. Make sure that your facility is ready to serve them all by having all of your medical imaging equipment in optimal shape. The healthcare industry is critical to maintaining the overall health of the population so repairs need to be made in a timely manner in order to always provide excellent patient care.

Are you buying quality parts from a reputable supplier?

It is increasingly important to have a reputable parts supplier for your medical imaging equipment. Before purchasing any parts, confirm with the supplier if they offer warranties on the parts that they supply. Reviewing medical imaging replacement part’s companies warranty policies needs to be a primary focus when making your decision on where to purchase your replacement parts from. While unfortunately not every replacement part is eligible for warranties, many are! Reliable and reputable parts suppliers will be able to speak to which parts are able to have protection and do all that they can to protect your purchase.

Reputable companies that sell medical imaging replacement parts stand the test of time

Another great way to help determine which supplier you purchase from is by looking at their longevity in the industry. Many companies come and quickly go because they are not committed to providing excellent service and top quality replacement parts, and customers can tell. Companies with continuity that show permanence have proven themselves in the industry.

Sourcing replacement medical imaging equipment parts

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