Discover what to look for in a prospective parts supplier

The process of procuring new, used or refurbished diagnostic equipment parts can be painstaking. It takes time and effort to ensure that the parts are within budget and that they arrive at the proper time.

Because of the work that goes into securing these parts, many organizations leverage the skills of their procurement department. Procurement departments are in the business of surveying markets and suppliers to see if a quality relationship can be established between the facility and supplier.

They are playing the “long game” to ensure value is created for the medical facility. With many parts suppliers to choose from, how can procurement departments choose the right parts supplier?

What to look for in your prospective parts supplier

The answer to this is to look for a number of specific things in your prospective supplier. Check out the three aspects we’ve found to be the most important.

Response Time

Quick responses from the supplier are the first thing that you should look for. Remember that as a member of the procurement department, you are seeking a positive long-term relationship. The initial interactions can set the tone for the entire vetting phase and beyond.  When suppliers respond quickly, you know that they are taking you seriously enough to foster this positive long-term relationship.

Professional Communication

Right along with quick responses, you should also look for the supplier to practice professional communication and prompt follow-ups. Quotes for parts from several approved suppliers will need to be analyzed and compared. They should be delivered in a timely and professional manner so your team can make an informed decision quickly. Again, look for evidence of this during your early conversations with potential suppliers.

A Warranty on Parts

Although the specifics of a warranty will vary from part to part, your approved suppliers should offer some level of protection for your purchase. Make sure you get clarity on this up-front and remain in communication should things change.

A Track Record of Success

The final thing procurement departments should look for is a supplier that has a proven track record. Make sure that the supplier you are doing business with has success supplying the parts you need to satisfied customers. Look for authentic testimonials, and consider researching companies on third-party review sites.

Sourcing replacement medical imaging equipment parts

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