As we enter an era where both new and used diagnostic imaging parts are at a premium, more and more medical parts suppliers are emerging. As the consumer, it’s great to have options. But it also means that some suppliers that are not as qualified as others.

We’ve put together a list of three questions you should ask your diagnostic imaging parts supplier to determine how legitimate they are. These questions are intended for initial vetting. We know that many hospitals and medical facilities have formal proceeds in place to screen potential suppliers. By using these questions early in your vetting process, you’ll save precious time and resources.

Where and How do They Obtain Their Parts?

This is the first question you should have it is the most important in many ways.

Asking where a diagnostic imaging parts supplier sources their parts is important because you need to know where these parts are coming from and how they are distributed.

There are two things you want to look for here: Consistency and networking. The best parts suppliers make it a point to operate on both.

When it comes to consistency, you should look for suppliers that distribute parts from their warehouse. This will give you peace of mind. The best parts suppliers also maintain a network of trusted partners who follow their philosophy as well. This gives you options.

How Quickly do They Typically Respond to a Request for a Quote?

This seems like it should be obvious, but it is often overlooked. Time counts, particularly with diagnostic imaging equipment that’s used to diagnosis and treat patients.

The best suppliers and vendors communicate well. They do all they can to make sure there is a clear level of understanding.

When it comes to receiving a request, our team at Parts Consulting Group [LINK] acknowledges a request within 15 minutes and strives for a quote within one hour.

What Kinds of Warranties do They Offer?

The availability of a warranty is extremely important for any given parts supplier, but it is especially important for diagnostic imaging.

Warranties offer peace of mind, and peace of mind in any aspect is at an absolute premium when it comes to anything in the medical industry, parts suppliers notwithstanding.

While it is true that not all parts are eligible for warranties, many are. The best diagnostic imaging parts suppliers know exactly which parts are able to be protected with a warranty, and they also do all they can to offer some level of protection.


When you keep these three questions in mind, you will be able to screen parts suppliers the right way, and you will avoid a lot of complications when dealing with poor vendors and suppliers down the road.

Searching for used medical equipment parts

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