Discover how to effectively review your procedures for replacing diagnostic imaging parts

Anyone who has worked for hospitals or medical facilities knows that policies and procedures periodically need updated.  Although some policies surrounding replacement imaging parts are firmly set, many of them need updating as the industry continues to evolve.

While this does not mean that you need to review policies every month, it does mean that you should review these policies every one to three years depending on how quickly things are changing.

Hospital and medical care facilities must follow many regulations that require policy updates – in fact this might be the driving force behind policy updates since regulations are affecting business more than ever.

Before you embark on your review, here are a few aspects to keep in mind to ensure success.

Encourage Input from the Staff

Ask for input from your staff and take it seriously. Some of them may be aware of things that you are not. They are likely the first ones to see where policies and procedures might be falling short and can offer suggestions for improvement.

By encouraging input, you might garner opportunities to streamline a process or determine where the “hang ups” occur.

With open communication, your team will understand that changes are coming and will likely be more accepting of the shifts in how business is conducted.

Look for Opportunities to Streamline Your Policies

A policy that worked several years ago might be outdated as a result of internal changes or external regulatory changes.

If the review is sparked by internal organizational changes, it’s an opportunity to align the policy with how you do business. If it’s regulatory in nature, you might not have quite as much freedom to dictate the policy.

While you want to have good checks and balances in place, also be open to ways you can simplify a process and make life a little easier for the team responsible. Ask yourself:

  • Are we empowering decision making?
  • Are we falling into a complexity trap?

It is your job to look through your policies, see if they are holding your staff back or not, see if they are still in line with regulations, then change them when necessary.

Understand the Role Technology Plays in Parts Purchasing

The days of blindly making phone calls to track down a replacement medical part are coming to an end. Most of the buying and selling of medical parts is going to take place on eCommerce platforms.

While this may not significantly affect your policies, you will definitely need to do your research when it comes to the vendor.

Do your research on potential vendors and suppliers, check their prices, make sure they have good systems and protocols in place, and make sure that the parts meet your standards.

While it is important to have strong policies in place that ensure your staff is being as effective as they can in your facility, it is also important to received feedback and understand how they can be improved. The best medical facilities understand this and use it to their advantage. They understand that a policy that they created that was effective a year ago might not be so effective a year later.

Sourcing replacement medical imaging equipment parts

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