With telehealth services on the rise, what does this mean for those in health care technology management?

 Despite some initial slowdown and uncertainty due to the unexpected onset of COVID-19, the healthcare industry is pushing forward. When the pandemic first hit, the demand for in-person care was understandably reduced. However, long term the industry is expected to see an increase due to people prioritizing their health. Maintaining a medical care routine will grow in popularity as the world is focused on staying healthy. A large component of this growth is the integration of virtual care. While traditional in-person medical care is not going anywhere, it is going to look a little different from now on.

 The future of patient care and the expansion of Telehealth services

 The sudden shift to focus on virtual healthcare came as a shock to some in the industry, however, most successful companies already had a plan in place to grow their telehealth offerings. As technology advances it makes sense to adapt and find ways to use it to make medical care more accessible. Whether providers were preparing to offer virtual care or not, once COVID-19 hit it became a necessity to survive. Expansions happening in telehealth are creating new opportunities to enhance patient care, rather than replace it. Virtual visits are never going to become a substitute for sitting down face to face with a doctor. However, going to your physician’s office to treat minor illnesses like a cold will become a thing of the past.


A virtual visit will never replace traditional office visits or diagnostic care

 You may be able to treat a head cold, perform a preliminary checkup or evaluation via a virtual visit, but certain things must be done in person at a facility. Specifically, any diagnostic imaging such as x-rays or MRIs will still require a visit to your local medical facility. In addition to services that must be done in person, there will also be patients who will prefer a traditional visit. Providing strong patient care is imperative to healthcare facilities and therefore In-person healthcare isn’t going anywhere.


The bottom line: HTM is still imperative to healthcare facilities

 There is evidence as recently as last month that shows that health care real estate is booming  and the Radiology Information System industry is anticipating continued growth underscoring the importance that diagnostic imaging procedures play in diagnosing and treating patients.


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