Arrival time and quality are two of the most significant aspects encountered when ordering medical imaging parts or replacement medical imaging parts. 

One of the biggest mistakes that those in need of either of these do is to order them on the fly, only concentrating on arrival time or quality and not doing any research about the supplier. 

This is very risky. By doing just a little bit of research you can prevent potential issues in your search for the right medical imaging parts, while still getting high quality parts in a timely manner. 

Ordering parts from a reputable supplier can mitigate several issues. We’ve identified a few key aspects you should consider in your search.  

Buying from a Reputable Supplier


#1 – Good response time and professional communication 

While it is not too difficult to know what professional communication is, there are gray areas when it comes to a good response time. 

Response time depends on two things: How long it takes the supplier to respond to your inquiries and how consistently they respond. 

Does it take a supplier several hours to respond to your inquiry about one part but then a week to respond to your inquiry about a different part? Are they upfront and direct? Or do they seem to be stalling?   

Check for these things next time you are communicating with an equipment supplier. The best ones are typically very consistent with their responses.  

#2 – Reputable suppliers offer a warranty when possible 

As consumers, most of us don’t pay much attention warranties. We don’t think we will ever need the protection the warranty provides. 

When it comes to medical imaging parts, occasionally things can go wrong. While a warranty won’t prevent issues from occurring, it will certainly protect you if something unexpected happens.  

Be wary of any supplier that is “very confident” about their parts but just flat-out won’t offer a warranty. While suppliers who feel very positive about their products is a good thing, nothing should be left to chance when it comes to something as complicated as replacement medical imaging parts. 

The caveat to this is that some parts are simply unable to be covered by a warranty but having a conversation about this with a trusted supplier is smart.  

#3 – Look for past success in the form of testimonials 

Like with any parts supplier, you need to know how your prospective supplier has performed in the past. While new suppliers may offer cheaper prices or may claim to have newer and more effective parts, the hype needs to have proof behind it. 

Has anybody used their equipment or parts with good results? Is their equipment as good as they claim? Is there solid proof of this? 

Proof builds trust, and most proof of past success can be demonstrated with testimonials, reviews, and a track record. 

When looking for testimonials, you need to look for who is writing them. It’s common practice for companies to hire “ghost” reviewers to give them the illusion of a good reputation. 

For this reason, you should look for the most detailed reviews and testimonials. Even better, look for people who have ordered the parts that share similar situations to yours and see what they think. 

These are three aspects that we recommend considering when ordering medical imaging parts or replacement medical imaging parts. Are there any other factors you personally consider?  

Remember that’s it’s smart to develop and maintain a solid relationship with your suppliers. This will save you a lot of trouble down the road, because when you begin ordering parts from a reputable supplier, you’ll won’t need to contact an endless list to get a quality quote you can trust.  

Searching for used medical equipment parts

If you’re searching for used medical equipment parts for your diagnostic equipment, radiology systems and other life-saving devices, we encourage you to search our inventory. We have thousands of parts in-stock and ready to ship.  

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’re always adding new parts to our inventory and some might not appear in our web store yet! Feel free to contact us with questions about any part