Discover why customer service is often the deciding factor when selecting a vendor or supplier

The replacement medical parts industry is rapidly growing. And yet as these suppliers continue to grow, something else stagnates or even regresses — customer service.

It is becoming more and more difficult to find companies that offer effective customer service – an issue that goes beyond our industry. With the help of technology, many companies know they can push customers to a “breaking point” before having to adjust how they handle a situation.

However, what this means to medical facilities is that it’s worth searching a little harder for those suppliers who excel at effective customer service.

Customer service – a culture of phoning things in

In an industry that revolves around solving critical problems, you would think that medical parts suppliers would have a great incentive to improve their customer service skills, but this is unfortunately not the case.

There are a few reasons why medical parts suppliers do not focus on customer service as much as they should. First, they do very little planning. Their focus often remains on short-term goals rather than strategic thinking. Most are operating day-to-day, hyper focused on quoting and sales. The best suppliers are thinking and strategically planning for ways to improve the customer experience.

Something else that causes medical parts suppliers to “phone-in” their customer service is a lack of ample training to prepare their staff to understand the types of questions and problem that will come their way. Hiring and training aren’t easy tasks, but the best suppliers ensure this is a key focus.

Here’s What to Look for

At the end of the day, you need to do your research and do all you can to make sure that the suppliers who you are dealing with have a solid reputation for providing customer service that goes above and beyond.

Customer service is a mindset. It should be evident in everything a company does. Here are a few questions you can ask to gauge how well a company does in this area?

  • Ask how issues or complaints are dealt with. Get clarity around if there is a specific individual or department to contact.
  • Ask if they have any data on how quickly issues are resolved.
  • Ask about employee turnover.

If you are part of a procurement department and you are looking for replacement medical equipment parts, you need to make sure your suppliers have faster response times than usual, offer warranties, and have dozens of testimonials that do not look like the organization paid somebody to provide the testimonials. Be diligent in your search for a supplier.

Sourcing replacement medical imaging equipment parts

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